The majority of insurance companies now require a 4 point inspection before they will provide homeowners' insurance coverage for a home.  These 4-point insurance inspections must be performed by a certified, licensed and insured home inspector and cannot be performed by the home owner or someone you know in construction or real estate.

What does the 4 Point Insurance Inspection Cover?


All 4-Inspections include a basic evaluation of the following systems and their components:

  • Roof

Insurance companies want to know the condition and approximate age of the roof, as well as the expected remaining life.

  • Plumbing

We identify the type of materials used (copper, plastic etc.), dates of any system upgrades, any current leaks or problems, as well as information about the hot water heater.

  • Electrical System

We provide information about the size of the main service, any dangerous wiring, details regarding upgrades, the maker of the electric panel, and the existence of any unsafe aluminum wiring.​

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

We identify the date of installation, approximate expected life of the unit(s), and any current problems with the system.

Many people ask, “I had a home inspection… can’t I just use that report?”

Insurance Companies will not accept your home inspection report because they are looking for very specific information.  Your home inspection report is too detailed.  They want just the information they are looking for, and that is supplied on the 4-point inspection.  We recommend you contact your insurance company prior to having your home inspection to find out if you will need a 4-point inspection to obtain coverage.  Even if it is not required to get coverage, quite often insurers will provide discounts when a 4-point inspection is provided.  If you find that a 4-point insurance inspection will be beneficial, just let us know in advance and we can provide it with your full inspection – for less than if done separately.

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